Mark Brown

Internet Explorer

Building web sites is more enjoyable to me now thanks to team, tools, process and more capable browsers. I really enjoy my work.

I have a confession to make, I don't care much for Internet Explorer. I want my work to be as enjoyable as possible, I create better things that way and will live longer.

An enjoyable day of work is:

  • not having to wake up to an alarm
  • espresso
  • a casual ride along the Yarra
  • friendly faces
  • good music
  • good food
  • learning something new
  • working with well designed things
  • working with @wernah designed things
  • having machines work for you
  • solving a problem
  • deleting code
  • not wasting time

This is what my average day looks like and it's lovely. I work on a macbook pro with Ruby, Rails, Sass & Compass, CoffeeScript and excellent browsers i.e. Tools and frameworks that make me happy and keep me from repeating myself. Programs and machines do the repetitive things far better than me so I let them and then thank them for their efforts, praising them to my fellow humans.

I've been consciously working on removing things from my workflow that aren't pleasant or enjoyable. I have no time for things that require too much effort to achieve too little. I want to get as much done as a I can with as little effort, and I want to enjoy doing it too. I suppose this is why I never open up Windows, though I am interested in IE10 and Windows 8.

All of my development work is done in Firefox and Chrome. When I release something, most of the time I will open up a VM with IE8 and 9 with the aim of making it work and then getting the hell out of there. zoom: 1, position: relative or float: left will fix things in IE. Learn about "hasLayout", it will help you get out of there sooner.

If it's CSS3 that's difficult to provide a fallback for, take a deep breath and throw a PIE at it. Seriously. With Sass and Compass you simply include it on the problematic elements and Boom, Chris Eppstein, Jason Johnston, thank you.

.hawt-element {
  @include pie;

I use shims and poly-fills cautiously but I have no problem throwing these types of scripted band-aids at Internet Explorer, it throws off the feng shui in my zen garden.